brain detox, calm holidays

Ever became aware of how modern technology sometimes complicate rather than simplify our everyday lives?

Here we show you techniques to get your mind free of clutter, renew your energy and develop more awareness of your body and soul.

Ancient traditions define the state of ‘Zen’ (being in your inner middle) as a form of art and the path to master living.

Take this new vision with you and leave the old ways behind.

This package is a blend of physical and mental wellbeing practices. Yoga and body awareness help to strengthen you and correct old habits, while your personal trainer will accompany you with the activities needed to achieve your physical goals. Meditation and behavioral medicine techniques are part of this package, and will give you the tools to develop mindfulness, boost energy levels. To complete the package, our nutrition plan and healthy catering will let you foster and nurture a new and improved way of living. Together, we will reset your mind and put you on another level.

For this package, each guest will be interviewed by our life mentoring coach upon booking, to assure a tailor made program that is uniquely designed for your needs.

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